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Traffic Management Signs

Welcome to Northwest Traffic Services. Your safety is our commitment! At Northwest Traffic Services, our goal is to keep the contractor and public safe for an affordable price. We provide the highest standards of traffic control safety and traffic management services.

We are a family owned business with our managers and supervisors having decades of experience in the traffic control industry.

Traffic Control Plans (tcp’s)

Every job-site affecting traffic must have a traffic control plan that allows the contractors to work efficiently and effectively while maintaining a safe flow of traffic on the roadway. Our team of experienced traffic control supervisors can create a professional traffic control plan for any situation. We work with you to develop plans for any situation from large scale road construction to small lane closures, and everything in between.

Safety in Traffic Management

Safety in Traffic Management

Safety First! 

Northwest Traffic Services is committed to a philosophy of safety first! Top quality traffic control devices, apparel, training, and supervisory support are essential to protecting the well-being of all staff who work in streets and roadways.

Please click here if you would like to contact us! Your safety is our commitment!