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Northwest Traffic Services

Welcome to Northwest Traffic Services! We are an Idaho, full service, 24 hour traffic control services company where your safety is our number one concern! We deliver professional and dependable services with contracting supervisors having decades of experience. We strive for customer service excellence. You can count on us to be with you for every step of your project, from design to completion. You can depend on us!

Over the last years, millions of dollars were funneled to improve roadways. In fact, in 2006, $200 million were NWTS Barrelspent to improve highways. These critical improvements in Idaho are crucial in order to provide convenience to our day to day commute. Whenever there’s construction on the road, it is imperative to always consider safety. There should be safety not only to the people who are working, but also for those individuals and groups who are in their vehicles.  Could you imagine using the same usual road, only to find out there’s undergoing construction but without any signs?

Here is when Northwest Traffic Services enter the picture. It is their job to keep everyone on the road safe. Could you imagine just how many casualties could’ve happened without professional traffic control service aimed in protecting the public who are using the road for whatever reason?

Northwest Traffic Services

Every day, we need to get out of our houses and go to work. Given this day to day requirement, it is a must to organize the road for motorists. Northwest Traffic Services is an Idaho based full service, 24 hour traffic control service company. With years of experience, we deliver professional and dependable services to organize the traffic for whatever is the reason. We provide support to organizers of marathons, as well as work zone safety to road constructions.

We meet the highest standards in traffic control with the help of our managers and supervisors that have decades  of experience in the industry.

What makes Northwest Traffic Services the best option?

With team of trained and experienced professionals in traffic control, our company has the ability to constantly provide services that are quality assured. An example of what we can do is the 24 hour traffic control service. With highest level of service, we prioritize safety for the road users, our staff and everyone else.

With solid knowledge in traffic management, we have deep understanding of potential hazards within the Idaho area, regardless of the situation. We also provide the necessary traffic equipment required from traffic barriers to traffic cones that would signal road users of anything that is happening ahead. We also have truck mounted attenuators to provide precaution yards away from the construction.

Other services we offer

Safety being the number one priority by Northwest Traffic Services, we offer more than traffic control service. We also specialize in other functions such as traffic control training, apparel and other related traffic control devices that are essential to our clients’ requirements.

A traffic crash accident occurs every 23.5 minutes. Also, according to the 2013 statistic, you have one person killed in a traffic crash for every 41.2 hours, while for every 46.4 minutes, a person is injured from these incidents. Given the services offered by Northwest Traffic Services, it is possible to prevent and minimize these situations.

Can we create a safer road?

With the right approach, it is possible to have safe roads not only for the motorists but also for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Northwest Traffic Services is the company to call for any traffic service requirement, equipment or training.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • 24 hour traffic control services
  • Flagger certification classes
  • Traffic control consulting
  • Truck mounted attenuators
  • Planning and design services
  • Sign manufacturing and installation
  • Sand barrels and crash cushions
  • Traffic control supervisors
  • Flaggers
  • Delineators
  • MUTCD approved signs and stands
  • Arrow Boards
  • PCMS boards
  • Portable traffic signals
  • Snow plow & removal
  • Special events
  • And much more 

For more information, click here to see our ‘About Us’.  Your safety is our commitment!

Contact us today! (208) 462-2289

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